Farm Fresh Eggs – secret to perfect easy peel eggs


Since I have chickens and now ducks, I often get asked about boiling eggs and I can’t tell you how many articles I have seen on the subject. And truth be told…most of these articles are doing it all wrong. There are many wrong ways….baking soda in water, poking holes in the egg….lol what???

If you simply boil a farm fresh egg, half the white will come off with the shell when you go to peel it. We have all seen this happen that raise chickens or buy fresh eggs. But here is the secret….I don’t boil my eggs anymore at all. I steam them. Perfect every single time…shell slides right off. Easy peasy!

Here’s what you do

Add your eggs to a steamer basket filled with water to bottom of basket. Bring to a boil then cover pot

Set timer for 20 minutes and walk away. Go pet the dog, enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch, or sit, relax and read a chapter of your book. When the timer goes off, remove the eggs from basket to a bowl in the sink.

Run under cold water then peel. Nothing to it. I promise this works. Not some of the time but every time.

Save all the shells. It’s egg season here so lots of eggs and lots of shells!  Crush them and give them back to your hens for extra calcium or add them to your garden for a calcium boosts for your plants and they also help to deter insect pest such as yucky slugs.

And now you know the secret of unboiled steamed eggs! Now go whip up some beautiful deviled eggs 🐣🐣🐣

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